Tom Filipe


Hi! I'm Tom.
I am a creative and hardworking filmmaker and photographer from Portugal and currently living in Southampton, UK. 
I'm an aspiring cinematographer, currently working as a 1st Assistant Camera and Camera Operator. I am determined to explore real-life stories and experiences. I am focused in bringing them onto the big screen in the rawest and beautiful way possible. I am driven by emotions and tend to showcase the actors best performances through my cinematography. 
My photography follows the same motto as for moving images. I tend to showcase the real and all the faults rather than beauty shots. I believe the world has so much beauty in what's called to be "ugly" by society.
I hope I get to work with you on amazing and atypical projects in the future. For more information and/or to work with me, just contact me through the contact sheet on the header or through my social media at the bottom of the page.
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